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John Dennis jdennis at
Thu Oct 27 16:45:41 CEST 2011

On 10/27/2011 03:29 AM, Stefan Winter wrote:
> Hi,
> seems like openSUSE is going the fancy way and throws good old INIT
> overboard with their next release. System initialisation and
> housekeeping is changing towards systemd instead.
> So, in 20-something days I'll try to get my first FreeRADIUS running on
> that, and can't use my good old init scripts any more (I guess I could
> with some systemd-to-INIT legacy support, but I like eating fresh dogfood).
> Is there already someone working on systemd description files for
> FreeRADIUS? If not, I'll (have to :-) ) give it a go myself...

Fedora has moved to systemd (with backward support for sysV 
initscripts). systemd support was added to the current Fedora 16 
FreeRADIUS RPM's by someone other than myself. It's been on my todo list 
to review what was done so I can't comment yet on how well the 
integration was done, but you're welcome to take a peek. I'm certainly 
interested on working cooperatively on systemd integration and my gut 
tells me there is more work to be done than what was already added (the 
work was done by those tasked with providing systemd support across all 
packages, so they know systemd well, but had little experience with 

The current F-16 SRPM can be found here:

FWIW, true systemd integration requires source code changes to the 
server. Control via external scripts within the systemd environment is 
the obvious incremental step and is what I assume you're talking about.

Also Fedora has documentation on the systemd conversion, something else 
you might want to look at:

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