Users on the multiple APs

Dagia Dorjsuren dagmid_d at
Tue Aug 28 08:54:31 CEST 2012

I configured it using huntgroup with mysql in authorize section as below. 

update request {
                Huntgroup-Name := "%{sql:select groupname from radhuntgroup where nasipaddress=\"%{NAS-IP-Address}\"}"

but I have a question about reply message. How to configure that if the user's huntgroup is "zone1" and that user login through "zon2", the reply message will have to be "You are not in zone2"?


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Dagia Dorjsuren wrote:
> ok. Would you mind sending to me an example of group difinition by NAS?

  Yes, I would mind.

  I already told you where to look.

  Did you understand my message?  Or are you just too lazy to read the

> I use freeradius with mysql.

  Documentation exists for that, too.

  Go read it.

  Alan DeKok.
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