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> Hello Guys,
> I have Installed Freeradius2 with MYSQL and WEBMIN as DaloRadius.
> I want to setup the FreeRADIUS for the Login Access To the Mikrotik
> Routers.
> I am also Setting up the FreeRADIUS for the HOTSPOT
> Users-authentication,accounting.

Login Access to Mikrotik Router or Internet ? I am assuming 1 profile for
each !!

> Right now i have added a client with /24 network and shared-secret,
> and created profiles on the daloRADIUS by using the Mikrotik Attributes,
> I can have READ/FULL/WRITE access to my routers. I am also using the REALMS
> for the Login & Hotspot Service Differentiations. I created two profiles
> with different realms as my router.
> i created users on these profiles one for login access and other only for
> hotspot access.
> But i have problem now that my HotSpot Users can also Login to My
> Router..????

Use 2 Different IP Subnets. First Subnet which is same as the Mikrotik
Router will be used by Mikrotik users. Second Subnet will be used for
Internet . Use Internal Firewall to seperate inter subnet communication or
remove the routes .

Please help me here guys... I have to Submit the Project with detailed
report in 5 days..And i am right now no where near to completing it..??

Please any one ..Reply ASAP ..:)

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