How to return Filter-ID attribute value for the users in Active Directory?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 19 22:12:41 CET 2012

suggestme wrote:
> Still trying to become more familiar with attributes and learning.
> In my understanding there are different attributes list as :request, reply,
> control, proxy-request, proxy-reply, outer.request, outer.reply, etc.

  As I said before, see "man unlang".  This is documented in
excruciating detail.

> Is there any way to see what attributes request list contains ; or reply
> list contains, etc. 
> When searching I see the following FreeRadius site lists the attribute
> lists:

  Those are attributes which go into RADIUS packets, and which are
standardized as part of the RADIUS specifications.

> But, is there any way to know what attributes is contained by what list. For
> example: Ldap-UserDN is inside control attribute list. How to figure out
> this? (It is not in the attributes list mentioned in above site) 
> Is there any way to find it that I am unaware of ?

  The rlm_ldap documentation?

  Alan DeKok.

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