Freeradius + Mysql + PEAP Authentication

RAZAFIMBELO Faliharinohatra Rindra rindra at
Tue Jan 24 14:36:10 CET 2012

Sorry, I was wrong. I have sent the eap.conf for my eap-ttls 
authentication. But in fact ,  i thought that i just needed to change 
the default_eap_type to peap and that's all. I have configured an Access 
Point to use radius authentication and i have tested the eap-ttls on my 
linux machine (debian squeeze) and on a windows xp machine, and it 
worked. Then when i changed the authentication to use peap, i got the 
problem. I launched the server in debug mode ( freeradius -X ) and all 
that i can see is that all my requests are rejected.

On 24/01/2012 15:53, Alan Buxey wrote:
> Hi,
>>          I have configured a freeradius + mysql server and i would like to use
>>     the PEAP authentication. I have tried the EAP-TTLS and it worked fine, but
>>     when i have tested the PEAP authentication all my requests were rejected
> how are you testing this? what client are you using?  your default eap type is TTLS
> so if you send the server a PEAP request, the server will NAK it and ask
> for PEAP - the client needs to deal with this.... windows etc can..
> alan
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