Changing domain for ntlm_auth

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Thu Jan 26 11:53:54 CET 2012

Il 26/01/2012 10:40, Alan DeKok ha scritto:
> NdK wrote:
>> Too bad it seems unlang doesn't like :
>> if (cond) {
>> ...
>> } elsif (othercond) {
>   Perhaps you could try reading "man unlang" to learn it's syntax.
Been confused by the error: it pointed to the last line of the chain,
not to the *first* closing brace followed by a keyword, forming an
invalid entry. BTW, it stays unclear why the keyword can't be on the
same line with the closing brace. Can't figure out unlang's grammar in EBNF.
Man page is somewhat contraddictory: first it says "The language
consists of a series of entries, each one one line." but then allows
multi-line entries calling 'em blocks...

But, reading again the man page, another doubt arises: in a chain, an
else/elsif references to the "immediately preceding 'if' entry" or to
the "last evaluated 'if' entry" (supposing elsif equivalent to "else\nif")?
Being it read line-by-line it could easily be the first (static
binding), but my test suggests the "common" behaviour (once one is true,
all the following aren't evaluated). But I could be wrong...


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