Changing domain for ntlm_auth

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 26 14:13:52 CET 2012

NdK wrote:
> Been confused by the error: it pointed to the last line of the chain,
> not to the *first* closing brace followed by a keyword, forming an
> invalid entry. BTW, it stays unclear why the keyword can't be on the
> same line with the closing brace. Can't figure out unlang's grammar in EBNF.

  It doesn't use ABNF.

> Man page is somewhat contraddictory: first it says "The language
> consists of a series of entries, each one one line." but then allows
> multi-line entries calling 'em blocks...

  And you conveniently deleted the NEXT sentence:

	Each entry begins with a keyword.

> But, reading again the man page, another doubt arises: in a chain, an
> else/elsif references to the "immediately preceding 'if' entry" or to
> the "last evaluated 'if' entry" (supposing elsif equivalent to "else\nif")?
> Being it read line-by-line it could easily be the first (static
> binding), but my test suggests the "common" behaviour (once one is true,
> all the following aren't evaluated). But I could be wrong...

  Then you don't understand how "if" and "else" work.

  It works the same way as Perl, C, and other languages.

  Alan DeKok.

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