Autentication Problem with Freeradius on FREEBSD

Haroon Abraham haroona7 at
Sat Jan 28 19:11:38 CET 2012

I did use tcpdump and the packets are reaching the server but in the shell
window running radiusd -X there is no output, i.e. the radius process does
not see the request (this is what I think is happening).


On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 3:41 AM, Alan DeKok <aland at>wrote:

> Rodrigo Yoshioka wrote:
> >     I´m having some problems with a new radius server. I have an CentoOS
> > with freeradius already working. But it was getting slow and let clients
> > delay to connect. So I installed a new freeradius server on Freebsd, and
> > I compare both configurations files. But when PPPoE server try to
> > autenticate a client, radius.log says that its OK. but PPPoE server says
> > RADIUS TIMEOUT. Do anyone knows where in the configuration should be
> > that problem???
>  The PPPoE server is probably not seeing the replies.  Use tcpdump to
> debug your network problems.
>  Alan DeKok.
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