Freeradius and Zone Director

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Mon Jul 2 11:06:41 CEST 2012

I'm more of an RuckusWireless specialist than an freeRADIUS, but I'll try
to help.

The ZD has a posibility of PAP or CHAP. Which Fw are you using?

The ZD and APs usualy work that if you have a trunk you also need a native
(untagged network) for them to communicate. You can also use a management
VLAN to manage all the devices. And it is also possible to use DHCP Option
43 for dicovery and such.


2012/7/2 Andrew Andonopoulos <andre8525 at>

>  Hello to all,
> I have a problem with the freeradius and the Zonedirector. I am using
> MySql tables to store the radrequest and radreply also the Nas tables. If i
> connect a cat5 cable to the core switch i am getting an IP from the correct
> Vlan. If i use the zone director i can't authenticate and get the correct
> ip. I read somewhere that Ruckus Zonedirector is using chap and freeradius
> pap and chap but i am not sure if that's the issue. The zonedirector and
> the Access points are connected with trunk ports. I am wondering if someone
> faced the same problem and give me some ideas.
> Regards
> Andrew
> p.s attached file have the logs from the freeradius
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