Stuck on very basic freeradius setup

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Tue Jul 3 17:39:47 CEST 2012

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:13 PM, Tiago <sytker at> wrote:
> Alan,
> My first message had that data, I'm pasting here again - after ready to
> process line, thanks.

It works on my setup.

> [files] users: Matched entry miles at line 3
> [files]         expand: Hello, %{User-Name} -> Hello, miles
> ++[files] returns ok

Check your users file again. If you don't have empty lines on top, and
your users file is what you pasted earlier, it should say "line 2"
instead of "line 3". Recreate from scratch if necessary. My users file
is like this

testuser1 Cleartext-Password := "testpass"
testuser2 Cleartext-Password := "testpass"
	Reply-Message := "Hello %{User-Name}"

and doing a "radtest testuser2 testpass 0 testing123" gets me

[files] users: Matched entry testuser2 at line 2
[files] 	expand: Hello %{User-Name} -> Hello testuser2
++[files] returns ok

Maybe it's extra line on your users file, or tab vs space issue, or
something else that I don't know about. Try copy-paste from mine
(minus the comment mark), and see if you get the correct line (which
is line 2 in my example).

... and if you've modified anything else on the config files, better
start from scratch (e.g. apt-get purge, apt-get install) just to be


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