Klaus Klein k.klein at
Thu Jul 26 16:08:04 CEST 2012

Hi Folks,

  I'm in the process to setup a WPA(2)-Enterprise (IEEE 802.1X) protected WLAN.

I choose FreeRADIUS (2.1.10) with a EAP-TLS to authenticate and control the access to the network.

While everything works so far, I just can't get the Session-Timeout to work.

If I start 'freeradius -X' I can see that FreeRADIUS sends the Session-Timeout information with the Access-Accept message.
Also if I limit the Login-Time (e.g. Login-Time := "Wk0000-1500") and the remaining time is less then the Session-Timeout, the remaining time is send as a Session-Timeout.

Nevertheless, after the session times out, no reauthentication takes place and the client stays connected to the network.

As this behavior happens with all (two) APs I've got, I'm not sure where to locate the problem.(FreeRADIUS, AP or Client (Debian Squeeze with wpa_supplicant))

Any idea how I could pinpoint the problem either from the FreeRADIUS or the client side?


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