Sync ldap-group with sql profiles

Mohsen Saeedi mohsen.saeedi at
Sun May 6 22:40:16 CEST 2012


I read more and more about my problem. but i didn't find any useful answer.

I have freeradius-2.1.10 and i configured it with Active Directory. I 
know about openldap and radius profile and good attributes is exist 
under openldap for radius purpose.

Now i'm able to find ldap-group with rlm_file module and with correct 
ldap module configuration. but i want to move our configuration from 
users to sql. i set everything  on sql. such as nas configuration or 
profile definition. i defined some profile with needed attribute such as 
attribute is suitable for hotspot(coovachilli for example). but i'm not 
able to query ldap-group when i'm using rlm_sql and not rlm_file.

how can i configure radius to get ldap-group query from AD to map AD 
group to sql profile?

I know about unlang too. is it possible to write some unlang query for 
map ldap-group to sql profile?

It's urget for me. please explain everything you know.

I'm waiting for your answer man.


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