Cisco phones loosing connectivity with VMPS and IOS upgrade to 15.0(1)SE2

Brian Julin BJulin at
Thu May 31 16:45:34 CEST 2012

> Kaya Saman wrote:
> I will perform a wireshark and tcpdump packet capture this evening in
> order to try to debug more clearly what is going on between the
> devices however, in the mean time I was wondering if there was some
> sort of interoperability quircks between newer Cisco IOS releases and

Likely the CISCO decided to change the way they interpret the
tunnel-group-id attribute.

There are two ways to pass this attribute (normally, and using a
cisco vendor specific attribute.)

There are three ways the switch may interpret the string contained therein.

1) numerically
2) vlan name
3) vlan group name

> Can anyone suggest anything?

Play with different combinations of the above.

Also verify that all the global and interface commands which are
applied on a working 12.2 switch remain applied on 15.0.  Sometimes
command syntax changes and the commands get rejected on upgrade.

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