Indeterministic EAP error

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Oct 4 18:22:27 CEST 2012

Matthias Nagel wrote:
> I cannot find any pattern, so I do not believe it to be a client side issue.

  It's always an issue with the client, WiFi, or AP.  It's not an issue
with FreeRADIUS.

  Why?  All of the EAP is driven by the client.

> Of course, one can argue to ignore the warning as it works most of the time, but I do not like indeterministically behaving IT systems, hence it preys on my mind.
> Has anybody an idea what the reason might be? If anybody wants to see a full debug output or a tcpdump, I can provide you with plenty of that. But I could not find anything.

  You won't see it in a tcpdump.  The *non* continuance of the EAP
session is what FreeRADIUS is complaining about.  tcpdump won't show you
any more.

  Look on the client and/or the AP for the problem.

  Alan DeKok.

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