getting rejected, please give me some light.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at
Thu Oct 4 21:10:40 CEST 2012

On 10/4/2012 8:18 PM, John Dennis wrote:
> All the information you need is in the debug output you posted. Did you
> read it?
I have tried but I am unable to understand what is wrong since it's a 
new language for me.

> Hint, you need the pap module for plaintext auth, it's enabled by
> default. Why did you disable it? The debug output even calls attention
> to this omission.
I didnt disabled anything.. it's bulk freeradius settings with the only 
thing changed for sql and ok = return  in the pap auth case to prevent 
trying sql (like in eap settings).

I have tried to write username and password in the users which works for 
wifi EAP but not for NAS\LNS.

> You've set the Auth-Type, probably in the users file. Do not do that,
> the server will figure it out.
In what section I possibly did that?
> There are no instructions from the
> FreeRADIUS doc which instructs you to do this. Why did you set it?
I am looking for instructions but it seems like I missed something in 

What I have added is:
bob Cleartext-Password := "Hello"

and the client config to communicate the server

I dont have any rules I have added to the original ones.

I recompiled it from source and reinstalled it.

pap is on etc..

Found out my problem...

now I understood that it's like ACLS "first hits" in the users file.

there is no reject or whatever but it does have other "DEFAULT" things 
and since they exist they comes first before the username I inserted.
at least That is what I understood after trying and it's working now fine.

the next step SQL.


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