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Andrew Precht andrewprecht06 at
Fri Oct 5 20:59:17 CEST 2012

 Hi users,
I've setup a new virtual FR 2.1.12 server on centos6. I have got the
new server setup per
the docs at Radtest locally and NtradPing remotely are working.

Now, I need FR to use a Perl script to authenticate against a proprietary DB.
I have put in a bit of time researching how to use the Perl module.
But, as a newbie to FR I can't seem to find any step-by-step
documentation to use the Perl module.
Could someone point me to such documentation?

Here is the script that the old FR 1.13-1.6.el5 was using, I need this
to run on the new FR server.

sub authenticate {

my $logfile = "/dev/null";
my $date = `/bin/date`;
chomp $date;
my $url = "http://ProprietaryServer.PropritartyIssue.Bad:4500/PATRONAPI/"
. $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} . "/" . $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Password'} .
my  $output = get($url);

#	For debugging purposes only
#	&log_request_attributes;

	if ($output =~ /RETCOD=0/) {
		`echo "$date : SUCCESS $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} -
$RAD_REQUEST{'User-Password'}" >> $logfile`;
		$RAD_REPLY{'Reply-Message'} = "Success";
		return RLM_MODULE_OK;
	} else {
		`echo "$date : FAIL $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} -
$RAD_REQUEST{'User-Password'}" >> $logfile`;
		$RAD_REPLY{'Reply-Message'} = "Denied access by RADIUS";

Any help is appreciated...

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