No Realm in table radacct

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Sat Oct 20 14:15:24 CEST 2012


in the radacct table are saved the authorized sessions of the user. I use 
the database schema of daloradius. There is a column with realm, which is 
empty. It would be nice, if there is something into to work with it.

And without the full userdetails the accounting is not working. Cause the 
local server knows only "markus" he send his Account-Request to DEFAULT and 
this server can not proxy this one. Cause he has no realm, too. I'm 
wondering me, cause this "Global" Server now replies this request. 

I want to send attributes in the accounting area and put them into the 
radacct table. 
But not without the forwarding of the accounting request.

The transmission of some attribute works in authorize.

Do you understand my problem? 

Thanks Ulf

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