[ANN] Version 3.0.0-beta0

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
Wed Sep 12 18:57:31 CEST 2012

The v2.1.x branch was created almost exactly 3 years ago (14/09/2009), and has diverged from the master branch significantly.

The majority of the potentially disruptive code changes have now been completed for 3.0 and it is at a stage where community testing would be helpfull.

To provide a single point to test against, the release_3_0_0_beta0 tag has been created.

The tarball is available here:

Instructions for converting existing 2.1.x configurations are available here:

Please post any defects to http://bugs.freeradius.org.

The interim changelog for 3.0 is as follows:

FreeRADIUS 3.0.0 Mon 01 Jan 8:00:00 CEST 2010, urgency=medium
	Feature improvements
	* Largely configuration file compatible with 2.1.x.
	* Documentation for upgrading from 2.x is in raddb/README.rst
	  Please follow it.  Do not just install 3.0.
	* Updated packet encode/decoder.  The resulting code is much
	  simpler and easier to extend.
	* Updated internal API to support new attributes and formats
	* Added RADIUS over TLS (i.e. RadSec). See raddb/sites-available/tls
	* Added "extended attributes" using the new encoder/decoder.
	* Added the "integer64" data type.
	* Added full WiMAX support, using the new encoder/decoder.  The old
	  code could not handle some unusual corner cases.
	* Added code to send SNMP Traps.  See raddb/trigger.conf.
	* Added support for Apple's Grand Central Dispatch
	* Added for MS-CHAP Change Password from Phil Mayers.
	  See raddb/mods-available/mschap, "passchange" subsection.
	* Added provisions for raddb/dictionary.local, for local changes.
	  See raddb/dictionary for more details.
	* Added EAP-PWD implementation from Dan Harkins
	* Added packet/s tracking. See max_pps in the "listen" sections,
	  and auto_limit_acct in the "thread pool" section.
	* Moved configuration entries in radiusd.conf to make more sense.
	* Moved raddb/modules/ to raddb/mods-available, and raddb/mods-enabled,
	  following the examples of other projects.
	* Moved eap.conf to mods-available/eap
	* Moved sql.conf to mods-available/sql
	* Moved TLS configuration for EAP into a common subsection.
	  See raddb/mods-available/eap, tls-config section.
	* Added internal connection pool API, this consolidates connection
	  management code that was previously spread across many modules.
	  Advantages are that it actually works, well, under nearly all
	  conditions, supports triggers, and has 'elastic' limits on the numbers
	  of connections.
	* SQL now uses the connection pool.
	* SQL query config has changed to support arbitrary Acct-Status-Types,
	  this change breaks config compatibility with 2.1.x. Configurations
	  must be updated.

	Bug fixes
	* All known bug fixes from 2.1.x are included.
	* Removed "addport" functionality.

All features and bug fixes from 2.2.0 are also included.

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