In Access-Request h323-remote-address Multiple times How to get it in SQL query

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Thu Sep 13 08:57:39 CEST 2012

Hi All,


We have configure freeradius on centos with mysql. We are developing
solution for Wholesale VOIP. We need to authenticate user on basis of Trunk
Id & IP. We are getting Trunk Id and IP in h323-remote-address attribute.


 Please find my Access-Request.


       Packet-Type = Access-Request

       User-Name = "bk"

       User-Password = "8888891990942XXXX"

       h323-conf-id = "377BE9DC FC071910 90FB000C 290E95CC"

       Cisco-AVPair = "remote-media-address=XXX.105.4.197"

       Cisco-AVPair = "session-protocol=cisco"

       Cisco-AVPair = "gw-rxd-cdn=88888919974063392"

       h323-remote-address = "000111"

       h323-remote-address = "XXX.105.4.197"

       Calling-Station-Id = "bk"

       Called-Station-Id = "88888919974063392"

       Service-Type = Login-User

       NAS-IP-Address = 79.99.198.YYY

       remote-media-address = "XXX.105.4.197"

       session-protocol = "cisco"

       gw-rxd-cdn = "8888891997406XXXX"


We are getting h323-remote-address multiple times. How can I get both
attribute in sql query for authentication? 


I set sql_user_name = "%{h323-remote-address}". But I get sql_user_name =
Trunk ID (000111) only. How can I get IP XXX.105.4.197?


Thanks & Regards,



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