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SkyDiablo skydiablo at
Tue Sep 18 22:15:39 CEST 2012

Am 17.09.2012 03:27, schrieb Fajar A. Nugraha:
> Did you read the post?
> "Resv-Start-Time" and others in that example are custom (i.e. made up)
> attributes that you put on radcheck/radgroupcheck (there's no such
> thing as "radius attributes table", btw).
> The "comparing" is done by unlang because there's no existing module
> that can do it, but writing unlang for it only needs several lines in
> the config file.
> Or did you need something else?

okay, okay... i try to explain my problem step by step.

1. use the "sql" modul -> works fine
2. set the "authorize_check_query" for the sql module -> works fine
3. add a new attribute in the "dictionary" file: ATTRIBUTE 
Activate-Account-At        3080    date
4. add a new attribute like "Activate-Account-At" to the sql result from 
step 2 -> works

and the questens are:

- how can i check at "unlang" is "Activate-Account-At" attribute in the 
sql result from step 2 ?
- how can i check is this date greater or lower as now ?
- in step 3, is defined the attribute as "date", how is the expected 
format? => "Sep 10 2012 14:05:00" <= ???

big thx!

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