account activate datetime -> SOLVED

SkyDiablo skydiablo at
Wed Sep 19 12:54:15 CEST 2012

so, for now i have solvd my problem:

add a new attribute in dictionary:

ATTRIBUTE    Activate-Account-At        3080    integer

this will filled with the unix-timestamp for activating time. and here 
are the "unlang" code:

authorize {
     if("%l" && "%{check:Activate-Account-At}") {
         if("%l" < "%{check:Activate-Account-At}") {

this will effect to reject, if the current time lower than the 
"Activate-Account-At". i have to prefix with "check:" to get the right 
value from my sql-modul by the "authorize_check_query". i hope this will 
help some other FR hacker ;)

greez & thx,

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