error of segmentation during the implementation of eap2

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Wed Sep 19 00:06:37 CEST 2012

As Alan B just said, radtest does not send EAP packets, no matter where you send the RADIUS packets, to the inner tunnel or the outer tunnel, radtest doesn't send EAP-Message.

You have hardcoded auth-type eap2 in your users file, so when the request enters the authenticate section, the eap2 module is called instead of the PAP module.

The EAP module says, WTH dude why am I being called when there's no EAP-message, and the server sends back a reject.

I can't remember if the eap2 module has the code to check for eap-message and set the appropriate Auth-Type, and i'm not going to check, because you still haven't confirmed whether that patch fixed the segfault or not. Grrr.

Instead of the users file entry, do something like

authorize {
if (EAP-Message) {
	update control {
		Auth-Type := eap2

And please stop CCing everyone, mailman is smart enough not to send send duplicates, but it's still annoying.

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