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Very well... I don't use a SQL database for users, but it occurs to me that Arran's only slightly tongue-in-cheeck comment about lonely curly braces might have convinced you to look at whether all the characters in your sql_user_name string are being properly escaped or quoted. Since 7B is the hex code for "left curly bracket" and 7D for "right curly bracket", it seems that those characters are being taken literally, rather than as part of a variable construction.

It looks like you're fairly close to getting that to work... just experiment with some single quotes?

By the way, I got this idea by looking at the wiki:

Steve Lovaas

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As expected, your correspondence has been worse than helpful.

I have thoroughly read the documentation, example configuration files, and
the Wiki.

Why not prove to us all that any one of these resources contains the exact
example that I am enquiring about.  I'd love to be wrong, but I just don't
see it in any of these resources.  Is it a realm?  Is it a variable

This is what an online community is supposed to provide--help.

And, Mr. DeKok, a correction is in order: you did *not* provide a working
example, in spite of the fact that you claim that you did.  I could look it
up in your book but, oh, wait, that's right, there is no published book yet.

Thanks for nothing.


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