Using username at and plain username

Kriston me at
Wed Sep 19 06:14:36 CEST 2012

> Very well... I don't use a SQL database for users, but it occurs
> to me that Arran's only slightly tongue-in-cheeck comment about
> lonely curly braces might have convinced you to look at whether
> all the characters in your sql_user_name string are being
> properly escaped or quoted. Since 7B is the hex code for "left
> curly bracket" and 7D for "right curly bracket", it seems that
> those characters are being taken literally, rather than as part
> of a variable construction. It looks like you're fairly close to
> getting that to work... just experiment with some single quotes?
> By the way, I got this idea by looking at the wiki:
> Steve Lovaas

Thanks, Steve, I think I'm really close and I appreciate your suggestion as
to why the variable substitution isn't working the way I thought it would.  I
have not seen whether it handles the substitution of "" properly
yet, though.

Thanks again,


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