implementing 3gpp2 attributes

Juan Pablo L. jpablolorenzetti at
Thu Apr 25 00:35:58 CEST 2013

Hi, i m in the early stages of implementing a prepaid service for a CDMA network, i have to exchange radius package using the 3gpp2 standard which is an extension to the basic radius protocol. i m facing an issue and that is that the attributes in the 3gpp2 standard included attributes that contain subtypes, in the form of:
type:26Length: variable, greated than 8Vendor-ID: 5535Vendor-Type: 91Vendor-Length: variable, greater than 2Sub-Type (=1): Sub-Type for AvailableInClient attributeSub-Type (=2): Sub-Type for SelectedForSession attribute.......Sub-Type (=N): XXXX

i have done several tests to confirm that freeradius only supports simple attributes in the form of attribute = value, i need to implement the above, is there any way i can implement it ? i dont mind doing all the work my self but i do not see available or easy ways to access the actual data of the structures directly ... can someone please advise how to implement attributes such as the above ? thanks!  		 	   		  
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