implementing 3gpp2 attributes

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at
Thu Apr 25 10:07:31 CEST 2013

The dictionary.3gpp2 seems to have the VSA Attributes you're looking for.

If you're saying that VSA 91 should have subtypes, then you should
look at TLVs in the definition.

ATTRIBUTE	3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability		91	octets

If you have a look in dictionary.dhcp under VSA 82 it gives you an
idea how to create the TLV sub VSAs.

ATTRIBUTE	DHCP-Relay-Agent-Information		82	tlv
BEGIN-TLV	DHCP-Relay-Agent-Information

ATTRIBUTE	DHCP-Agent-Circuit-Id			1	octets
END-TLV		DHCP-Relay-Agent-Information

I assume you're reading the spec from here?

So you would want to want to update the dictionary file to say something like:

ATTRIBUTE	3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability		91	tlv

BEGIN-TLV	3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability

ATTRIBUTE	3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability-AvailableInClient   1	octets
ATTRIBUTE	3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability-SelectedForSession  2	octets
... Rinse and repeat...

END-TLV		3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability

And then you just need to define what you need in those values.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 10:35 AM, Juan Pablo L.
<jpablolorenzetti at> wrote:
> Hi, i m in the early stages of implementing a prepaid service for a CDMA
> network, i have to exchange radius package using the 3gpp2 standard which is
> an extension to the basic radius protocol. i m facing an issue and that is
> that the attributes in the 3gpp2 standard included attributes that contain
> subtypes, in the form of:
> type:26
> Length: variable, greated than 8
> Vendor-ID: 5535
> Vendor-Type: 91
> Vendor-Length: variable, greater than 2
> Sub-Type (=1): Sub-Type for AvailableInClient attribute
> Sub-Type (=2): Sub-Type for SelectedForSession attribute
> .......
> Sub-Type (=N): XXXX
> i have done several tests to confirm that freeradius only supports simple
> attributes in the form of attribute = value, i need to implement the above,
> is there any way i can implement it ? i dont mind doing all the work my self
> but i do not see available or easy ways to access the actual data of the
> structures directly ... can someone please advise how to implement
> attributes such as the above ? thanks!
> -
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