How to accept RADIUS traffic on multiple interfaces?

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Wed Aug 14 22:20:52 CEST 2013

Also don't forget to disable (or modify) SELinux.  If memory serves, RHEL 6 comes with that enabled by default as well.


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Before running radius in debug mode, try iptables -F with root privileges, it disables iptables default rules

Phil Mayers <p.mayers at> ha scritto:

>On 14/08/13 15:07, Kurt Hillig wrote:
>> But radiusd isn't seeing any of the inbound RADIUS traffic on eth1 - 
>> tcpdump shows it coming in, but "radiusd -X" shows no indication of 
>> this traffic (but is reporting all of the traffic on eth0).
>If "radiusd -X" isn't reporting *anything*, then it's not reaching 
>FreeRADIUS, which means some part of the network stack is dropping it.
>If you're sure your iptables are correct, google "linux log martians" 
>and "linux rp filter". RHEL6 has different defaults to previous RHEL 
>versions in this regard.
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