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Sun Dec 1 23:07:53 CET 2013

On 1 Dec 2013, at 13:50, Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com> wrote:

> Jed Gainer wrote:
>> I did a system upgrade and my silly disto upgraded FreeRADIUS to 3.0.0
>  That's not nice.  A normal update shouldn't change major versions of
> software.  But if you upgraded your entire system... I guess I can see
> why they'd think that's useful.
>> so I am reconfiguring it from scratch because of the changes. I have
>> managed to get SQL up and running but am having troubles getting my
>> sqlcounters to work.
>  The sqlcounters really haven't changed.  The files have moved around,
> but the functionality is the same.
>> I can't find docs for version 3
>  Nonsense.  See raddb/README.rst.
>  If your distribution maintainers haven't included it, go beat them up.
> And then look in the main FreeRADIUS "tar" file for it.

Still interested to know what distro this is.

Anyway, example configs fixed... ish. We really need ${${nested}} expansion to do this correctly, and possibly a way to select on[name2] not sure if that's allowed currently.


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