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Bill Schoolfield bill at billmax.com
Mon Dec 2 22:51:36 CET 2013

I did eventually find a thread that mentions the busted schema and 
querrys and I made the necessary changes. All is well.

As for "fix the NAS", so noted.

See below for one more comment...

On 12/2/2013 3:35 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Bill Schoolfield wrote:
>> (1) My mysql based ippool is out of sync with the ips actually in use.
>> This is leading to ip conflicts and immediate drops after successful login.
>    Blame the NAS.  FreeRADIUS just assigns IPs, stores that assignment in
> the DB., and tells the NAS the user has that IP.  If there's an expiry,
> it sends a Session-Timeout and asks the NAS to enforce it.
>    i.e. the *only* way for things to get out of sync is if the NAS isn't
> hanging up on user sessions.
>> (2) take a look at the sql errors. It apparently doesn't like
>> "expiry_time IS NULL" in the update.
>    Use a recent version of the server.  The queries you post below were
> fixed in December 2010.
>> For (1) how can I get the ippool in sync? Is the only way to reset the
>> radippool table and drop all the connections from the NAS?
>    Fix the NAS.  Or, ensure that FreeRADIUS is sending Session-Timeouts,
> and that the NAS is enforcing them.
>> For (2) is this an error a by product of the immediate disconnect? Is
>> the mysql version of sqlippool known to work.
>    It works if you use the correct queries.
>> Also for number (2) one problem I see is the schema doesn't account for
>> callingstationid  that are this large. I assume I''ll need to change the
>> schema for this.
>    That's simple enough to do.

I did this but noticed that # characters are being stored in the db as =23

Here is a calling station value in the db:

GigabitEthernet 5/0/3.3170044:317-44=23587435726=23804GE1 
TOROON44BBN-TOROON4415W=23=23pppoe d8:6c:e9:10:32:c5=23

In the radius -X output the above shows up as

GigabitEthernet 5/0/3.3170044:317-44#587435726#804GE1 
TOROON44BBN-TOROON4415W##pppoe d8:6c:e9:10:32:c5#

Why is this?


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