sqlippool querries

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Mon Dec 2 23:02:51 CET 2013

Bill Schoolfield wrote:
> I did this but noticed that # characters are being stored in the db as =23
> Here is a calling station value in the db:
> GigabitEthernet 5/0/3.3170044:317-44=23587435726=23804GE1
> TOROON44BBN-TOROON4415W=23=23pppoe d8:6c:e9:10:32:c5=23
> In the radius -X output the above shows up as
> GigabitEthernet 5/0/3.3170044:317-44#587435726#804GE1
> TOROON44BBN-TOROON4415W##pppoe d8:6c:e9:10:32:c5#
> Why is this?

  Because '#' is a special character in SQL queries.  See the
"safe-characters" configuration in dialup.conf.

  Alan DeKok.

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