diffrent services from same IP

Jacob M. Dawson dawson at vt.edu
Sat Dec 7 07:38:35 CET 2013

That is exactly how we handle it.  To make life easier, we have a radius user that runs the server, and set up all of our instance or service-specific config in a directory in its home directory, and use some command-line options to run the same FreeRADIUS code against different configs.  As pointed out, each different instance needs to run on its own set of ports, and if it needs to do some internal proxying, that’s more than two.  Has been highly effective in allowing us to reduce the complexity of our server config, while still letting us do a lot.

Jacob M. Dawson
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On Dec 6, 2013, at 23:48 , Leo Combes <combesl at gmail.com> wrote:

> use different  port in each service?
> El dic 6, 2013 7:27 p.m., "SkyDiablo" <skydiablo at gmx.net> escribió:
> hi,
> i have running a freeradius, all works fine... but now, i need to handle two diffrent services from the same IP in diffrent virtual server.
> in detail: i have a VPN server and one or more coova chilli systeme. all this freeradius clients will running on the same system (localhost) but if i load the client configs, it throws the error "Failed to add duplicate client". of course, all client will have the same IP, all client running under localhost.
> it is possible to handle this ? diffrent services/clients on the same IP ?
> greez & thx,
>   volker...
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