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Thank you for the reply  , I'm happy to report to you that my company has allowed me to give back any  code / product  back to the free radius project that you assist me in developing , they see it as a win /win situation . 

Am I correct in understanding that the eap-sim stuff is more developed in the  version 3 code , currently I'm working on  2.1 or 2.2  , Would you recommend that I obtain the  version 3 and use that as my starting point ?

if so is there a package for ubuntu or will i have to compile from source and build my  own ?


Greg Jetter

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> if I know the shared secret , how is that used to generate  the attributes ? any guides out there for this ?

Yes. I looked at this a couple of months ago. We now have implementations of COMP128v1, v2 and v3.

If your sim cards use those algorithms then you can authenticate wireless users if you have the Ki (in theory). I've not actually tested this yet...

You need to set:

update control {
        EAP-Sim-Algo-Version := [1|2|3]
        EAP-Sim-KI := <the subscriber's Ki>

This is 3.0.x and master branches only. I don't believe there's a released version with the code in.

> I also have  access  to a SS7 network , any examples on how to  write a module to fetch the  attributes from there ?

You can use rlm_example as a starting point. You'll need to know C.

In terms of talking with ss7 servers libss7 might be a good place to start, unless anyone knows of something better maintained.

I'd be happy to give you pointers if you run into issues, so long as the final product is contributed back to the project.

> As I stated before I'm "NEW" at this , I've been working with radius for a few weeks , mainly using  it in conjunction with  a learning book called FreeRadius Beginners guide.

Ah. Sorry about the formatting, it wasn't us.


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