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On 18 Dec 2013, at 19:56, Greg Jetter <gjetter at gci.com> wrote:

> Thank you for the reply  , I'm happy to report to you that my company has allowed me to give back any  code / product  back to the free radius project that you assist me in developing , they see it as a win /win situation . 

Yes :) You get the code maintained, and we get working code to talk to SS7 servers.

> Am I correct in understanding that the eap-sim stuff is more developed in the  version 3 code , currently I'm working on  2.1 or 2.2  , Would you recommend that I obtain the  version 3 and use that as my starting point ?

Yes, use version 3.x.x. EAP-SIM is available in version 2.x.x but the code to calculate SRES and KC is only available in version 3.x.x and master branch.

> if so is there a package for ubuntu or will i have to compile from source and build my  own ?

Build from source. If you're developing a new module you probably want to do that anyway as you can't build modules independently of the server if you use the server's build system.


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