Session-Timeout anomalies

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 8 16:02:10 CET 2013

Bill Isaacs wrote:
> Here is an example of one such account, a development test account which
> I created for debugging purposes. It's value is 30 days (2592000 seconds)
> Radclient result:
> ===============
> # echo User-Name="cgitest",User-Password="cgitest" | radclient -c 1 -n 3
> -r 3 -t 3 -x auth -S shared
> Sending Access-Request of id 24 to port 1812
> User-Name = "cgitest"
> User-Password = "cgitest"
> rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, id=24,
> length=26
> Session-Timeout = 2366393

  2,366,393 < 2,592,000

  So that seems OK.

> sql query:
> radacct WHERE UserName='cgitest' ORDER BY AcctStartTime LIMIT 1 \g
> +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
> | IFNULL(TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(NOW(), MIN(AcctStartTime))),0) |
> +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
> | 1447012 |
> +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

  OK... that's not the same as above.

> ===============
> Ok, the problem here should be obvious but I'll explain these results
> for those who are impatient. The "Session-Timeout" number is way too
> large. As I stated previously, this is a 30 day account. It was counting
> down with no problems until a few days ago. It then mysteriously began
> reporting in the popup window which I was working on that it had 29.9
> days left on it, after it had already counted down to something like 15
> days. It simply seems to have reloaded itself, even though the sql query
> reports the accurate number of seconds which have actually expired.
> (1447012). So if we do the math: 2592000-1447012=1144988 (or roughly
> 13.25 days) should be the remaining time on this account. Not 27.38 days.


> Here is the sql counter from sqlcounter.conf:

  And what about debug output?

> Ok so the question then is: where the hell is radclient getting the
> notion that the account has 2366393 seconds left?

  That is *entirely* the wrong question.  It's why you haven't solved
the problem yet.

  Look at the *radius server* debug output.  It's the one sending the
Session-Timeout.  You should be able to figure out where the
session-timeout is coming from.

> Where is
> "Session-Timeout" getting this information? Why is it only doing it on
> some accounts and not others?

  Look at the debug output.


  We say this DAILY on this list.  There is no excuse for refusing to do

  Alan DeKok.

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