Session-Timeout anomalies

Bill Isaacs bill.isaacs at
Fri Feb 8 16:35:59 CET 2013

Ok so the question then is: where the hell is radclient getting the
notion that the account has 2366393 seconds left?

>    That is *entirely* the wrong question.  It's why you haven't solved
> the problem yet.
>    Look at the *radius server* debug output.  It's the one sending the
> Session-Timeout.  You should be able to figure out where the
> session-timeout is coming from.
>> Where is
>> "Session-Timeout" getting this information? Why is it only doing it on
>> some accounts and not others?
>    Look at the debug output.
>    Honestly.
>    We say this DAILY on this list.  There is no excuse for refusing to do
> that.
Alan, take a deep breath.  Of course I've looked at the debug output.  
Note my opening sentence, ol' pardner.  ;)

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