Session-Timeout anomalies

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Feb 9 02:14:58 CET 2013

Bill Isaacs wrote:
> Alan, you're so much more fun when you're not being myopic.  lol  Of
> course it's getting the answer from the radius server.  You really think
> I don't know that? 

  I can only read what you write.  You asked *twice* why radclient had
that Session-Timeout.  The second time, after I told you to look at the
server.  You then said you HAD mentioned you looked at the server
output, when your messages made no such reference.

  I'm asking you to communicate clearly and honestly.  If you can't do
that, then you won't solve the problem.

> What I DID say was "I'm researching this anomaly myself in all the
> documentation, but thought it would also be helpful /both to me and to
> others/ to post the problem here." (emphasis added).

  (a) looking at radclient, and (b) looking at the config, and NOT
looking at the debug output.

  There are messages every day saying "POST THE DEBUG OUTPUT".  You
didn't do that.

  You have failed the basic netiquette we ask for here.  And then to top
it off, get condescending to me when I point this out.

> What I implied in the ensuing message was that it would be posted here
> once  I tracked the message down,

  You've failed to understand the need for the debug output.  It is
nearly everything you need to (a) debug, and (b) solve the problem.  You
don't post it here after you've come up with a solution.  You post it
here so that people with a clue can read it, and help you.

> but that posting it and the solution
> in nice digestible pieces for those not familiar at all with radius
> would be helpful to them.

  Nonsense.  Again, you make it clear you don't understand.

  What is helpful is a *solution*.  You posted a problem.  You posted
the wrong information about the problem.  You are suggesting that people
use the wrong *method* to track the problem down.

  You're wasting everyone's time.  You're misleading future people, who
will find your post, and potentially go down the wrong path.

>  I suspect if you went to decaf and quit
> asking 'why' others don't just do what should be done, you would have
> understood that. 

  I think you're being condescending and rude.  Stop it.

> Take a deep breath.  Read between the lines, and realize that if others
> understood radius the way you do, you'd be out of a job (at least on the
> board here). 

  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the documentation, and post
the debug output as suggested in the FAQ, "man" page, web pages, and
daily on this list.

  You didn't do that.  I really don't care why.

  The entire reason I'm an expert is that I'm willing to learn from
others.  I read the documentation, and I follow instructions.  It's not

  You don't do that.

> I'm trying to make this fun, and be worthwhile as a
> thread.  So caaalm down.  ok?  I'll post the debug output along with
> what it reveals as soon as I've worked it all out thoroughly.  Trust me.  :)

  That is completely the wrong approach.  You are misleading everyone
else by suggesting that method.

  Stop it.

> Now *there* is a wholly useful piece of information.  Bravo!  Sooner or
> later, we'll clear out enough of the rants to expose goodies, no?  :D

  I figured that it was hopeless to get you to follow the existing
documentation.  So maybe if I spoon-fed it to you in pieces you might
think about it, and follow instructions.

  Alan DeKok.

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