Session-Timeout anomalies

Bill Isaacs bill.isaacs at
Sat Feb 9 02:40:57 CET 2013

Again Alan, read between the lines.  I've been scanning these emails 
from this group for about year through google searches.
What I've learned from this mailing list is that you routinely castigate 
people who ask questions on here.  That's rude.  Your tone is arrogant.  
And that's rude.
Yes, I'm being condescending but it's in order to point out your 
rudeness -- hopefully in an entertaining way.  You're apparently a 
hopeless case where that's concerned.

What it seems to me that this thread needs is a set of discussions that 
don't include a staple diet of questioner-castigation, as you've done 
here to me. OF course I expected it, even counted on it, to make the 
point I'm making here.  No one is being led down the wrong path.  You 
just need to lighten up and be a little less arrogant.  A little nicer.  
A human being.

And the whole thing sailed right over your arrogant head.  Read this 
exchange, and I rest my case right there.

I'm trying to make this fun, and be worthwhile as a
thread.  So caaalm down.  ok?  I'll post the debug output along with
what it reveals as soon as I've worked it all out thoroughly.  Trust me.  :)

>    That is completely the wrong approach.  You are misleading everyone
> else by suggesting that method.
>    Stop it.
>> Now *there* is a wholly useful piece of information.  Bravo!  Sooner or
>> later, we'll clear out enough of the rants to expose goodies, no?  :D
>    I figured that it was hopeless to get you to follow the existing
> documentation.  So maybe if I spoon-fed it to you in pieces you might
> think about it, and follow instructions.
By the way Alan, I didn't need that spoon fed to me.  I'm drawing out 
information for the benefit of others and frankly, just seeing if you 
have anything in your repertoire that doesn't include trying to belittle 
people who are asking for help.  Jury is still out on that one, but 
wearing a frown as they deliberate.  :)

Now for the useful stuff.
Here is the telling part of the freeradius -X output that I ran earlier 
this morning and printed out to use as a reference in my inquiries:

[accessperiod]     expand: %{sql:SELECT 
IF(COUNT(radacctid>=1),(UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 
IFNULL(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(AcctStartTime),0)),0) FROM radacct WHERE UserName 
= 'cgitest' AND AcctSessionTime >= 1 ORDER BY AcctStartTime LIMIT 1} -> 
rlm_sqlcounter: Check item is greater than query result
rlm_sqlcounter: Authorized user cgitest, check_item=2592000, counter=231238
rlm_sqlcounter: Sent Reply-Item for user cgitest, Type=*Session-Timeout, 
++[accessperiod] returns ok

So, there's something fishy with the rlm_sqlcounter module.  Looks like 
the place to start.

Stay tuned, film at 11.
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