Load Balancing Issue

Muhammad Nadeem mnadeem8327 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 05:53:16 CET 2013

I am using Freeradius 2.2.0 on redhat 5. My goal was to increase the speed
of user authentication. To achieve this I configured Load Balancing (with
realms). I have a proxy Freeradius server, that is just proxying requests
to 2 other freeradius servers.
Problem is that, when i sent a specific number (10 million) requests to
proxy server (that just proxy requests to 2 other servers) , it took about
45 minutes to complete these requests.
But if I send same amount of requests direct to on of the server (without
sending it to proxy server), requests are entertained rapidly (in around 16
Can any one please tell me , what's the issue.
Thanks a lot.
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