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Neven boskarin at
Tue Feb 12 09:08:02 CET 2013


i'm using Freeradius 2, fedora16, mysql 5. 500 000  different users in

i have a user in table radcheck (username and pass), i add that user in
radusergroup,  then I add usergroup in radgroupcheck and add attributes for
that group. That works well as far as i know.

Can I add a user in one group without adding that user in radusergroup
table? Is there some attribute that i can add in radcheck that will add a
user in one user group?

id        Username       Attribute                            OP      Value

1         User1             Cleartext-password             :=        123456
2         User1             "Attribute for user group"      ==       "Group
that i can add attributes in radgroupcheck table"

Could this be done?

Thank u.

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