Understanding the IP Pool module

Бен Томпсон b.thompson at latera.ru
Tue Feb 12 09:46:15 CET 2013

Hello Everyone

I am hoping to use rlm_ippool and I would like to understand a bit
about how it works. Firstly I want to understand the format of the

I can see from the output of rlm_ippool_tool that there are five columns :-

Key | IP Address | Active  | CLI | Num

It is obvious what the first two are, and I am not sure about the last
three, but I guess that "active" means that this address is in use.

Could anyone explain to me what the columns "cli" and "num" are used for?

I noticed that this module is called from the post-auth and accounting
sections, and in the accounting section of sites-available/default
there is the following comment :-

#  Return an address to the IP Pool when we see a stop record.

Does this mean that the ippool module sets "active" to 0 when it sees
an accounting Stop from the same "Key"?

Also, I noticed that this module can be used for DHCP which obviously
does not have an accounting section. Does this mean that IP addresses
can never be deallocated from the pool?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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