AVP EAP-KEY name support in FR

Srinu Bandari sbandari at vitesse.com
Wed Feb 13 10:59:37 CET 2013

We are trying to bring up MACsec with Cisco and FR, and we are stuck because of Radius unable to send EAP-Key-Name AVP. Below is what is expected as per RFC4072

RFC4072 says "A home Diameter server receiving a
   Diameter-EAP-Request with a Key-Name AVP with non-empty data MUST
   silently discard the AVP.  In addition, the home Diameter server
   SHOULD include this AVP in Diameter-EAP-Response only if an empty
   EAP-Key-Name AVP was present in Diameter-EAP-Request."

But radius server is not sending EAP-Key-Name AVP (Radius Attribute Type 102) even invalid AVP present in the Diameter-EAP-Request".

Below is the debug print of radius

Sending Access-Accept of id 647 to port 1645
        MS-MPPE-Recv-Key = 0x84e5c624c3bcdeadca3c6210f24bd7b8336921ccc1c58399d397afc75770332c
        MS-MPPE-Send-Key = 0xa6c4860cc8092c251502f5adc3ee13586e05fe84cbbb8b6793b08d9523d12b1f
        EAP-Message = 0x03060004
        Message-Authenticator = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000
        User-Name = "user1"

Does anyone have clue on this.

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