SQL Counter for Expiration Attribute - Prepaid Cards

Prabhpal S. Mavi prabhpal at digital-infotech.net
Tue Jan 1 10:49:52 CET 2013

> Hi there,
> You can use the frontend tool called daloradius,  it will sort you out in
> what you are trying to achieve, it uses freeradius as the back end.
> ------------------------------
> On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 12:01 PM MSK Prabhpal S. Mavi wrote:

Dear Mulindwa,

Thanks for your response. I am using Daloradius as front End. How it will
solve my problem, can you explain?

i am able to create batch (Prepaid) users alright using daloradius, i am
able to assign specific attributes using profiles (Group) also and it is
working as well. such as "Max-All-Session". users are logged off on time
specified as attribute. but they can re login using same prepaid card that
was just used recently. should have expired !!

my problem is to expire user NOT by date (03 Jan 2013).


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