Trying other authentication methods when the first is invalid

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Fri Jan 11 15:06:20 CET 2013

On 11/01/13 13:23, Meyers, Dan wrote:

> Anyway, we have got some Juniper EX2200 switches. The problem with
> these is that they do mac-auth as a 'fake' 802.1x auth. The request
> has the User-Name attribute set to the MAC address correctly, but
> also has an EAP-Message present, it just doesn't contain anything we
> want to have to care about (It actually contains, once the eap header
> has been decoded, the md5 of the mac-address). This causes the eap

Wait, what? Seriously? Can you show a debug of one of these requests?

> module, if called in authorize, to think the request should be
> handled by itself and set Auth-Type to EAP and expect to do eap-md5
> (even if the default-auth-type in eap.conf is set to something else,
> like peap). However, as we do not actually want to do an eap-md5 auth
> we have no Cleartext-Password anywhere for the tens of thousands of
> MAC addresses (with new ones every day, which we auth onto a special
> 'unregistered' network with limited access instead of rejecting) on
> our network.

Hang on; is it EAP-MD5, or some "fake" EAP?

If it's EAP-MD5, what is the switch using as the password? A fixed 
value, or the MAC address?

You might find it's as simple as doing:

authorize {
   if (EAP-Message) {
     if (User-Name =~ /[0-9a-f]{16}/) {
       # mac-based auth as EAP-MD5
       update control {
         Cleartext-Password := "%{User-Name}"
   else {

> The eap module in this case returns 'invalid' in authentication,
> rather than 'reject'. I was hoping I could detect this and tell it to
> move on to perl if this happened. I can't seem to make that work. As
> soon as eap returns invalid, all further processing is halted for
> that request and FreeRADIUS jumps straight to the Post-Auth REJECT
> section. Can anyone suggest a way around this?

Maybe. I'd need to see a debug of one of these horribly broken-sounding 
EAP requests. If it's actually broken, you're hosed. If it's just doing 
EAP-MD5 for mac-auth with some fixed or well-known password, you just 
need to set that password.

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