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Thu Jan 17 15:18:47 CET 2013


2013/1/17 Alan DeKok <aland at>:
> Tiago wrote:
>> From man I have:
>   Please don't quote the documentation here.  I've read it.
>> May I ask you a bit of patience helping me on this? So, can I conclude
>> that adding attributes to dictionary file will not make freeradius to
>> send those to NAS?
>   That is what the documentation says.
>> But are they necessary to create sql pairs and so
>> got from sql radreply?
>   I'm not sure what you mean by that.
>> So I didnt understand that, so entries with 3000-4000 numbers aren't
>> placed on radius packet, can I conclude that the others are?
>   No.
>> but on
>> the man it says that attributes are never exchanged. So I'm a bit
>> confused here.
>   It says the NAMES are never exchanged.  NAMES.  Not ATTRIBUTES.
>> What I need to do to radius server send the attributes that are
>> collected from my mysql database (radreply attrib)?
>   Use attributes that are *supposed* to go into a RADIUS packet.  It has
> nothing to do with MySQL.  The attributes can come from anywhere.
>   You can't simply invent attribute numbers.  They are assigned via a
> controlled process.  The numbers you used "78" and "79" are *already*
> assigned to different attributes.

>   You need to read the documentation for the PPOE server to see which
> attributes it understands.  There's also a "dictionary.roaringpenguin"
> file distributed with FreeRADIUS.  It defines attributes for the RP
> PPPoE server, for upload and download rate limiting.
>   Use that.

Thanks, can I add an attribute to dictionary.roaringpenguin besides
the ones listed there? I'm asking that to avoid broking my production

I saw there this (dictionary.roaringpenguin):
 # Downstream speed limit in kb/s
ATTRIBUTE       RP-Downstream-Speed-Limit               2       integer

Can I add at the end?
ATTRIBUTE       Download               6       integer

Do I need to make any attribute number change on my pppoe/nas server
to understand the new defined here?

I'm asking that because the old freeradius/pppoe are working using
those attributes numbers, which is already defined by another
attributes as you stated.


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