Help Needed !!! FreeRADIUS Integration with MS AD

pradyumna dash neomatrixgem at
Sun Jan 20 08:31:31 CET 2013

Hi Team,

I need a help, am new to RADIUS and i need the below to be configured.

I. FreeRADIUS integration with Microsoft AD
II. Cisco switches needs to be the client
II. The accounting information should also contain the commands executed in
the Switch as well, Example  If a used called "test" login to the switch
and exexuted a command "Show config" that should be captured in the
accounting information.

What  i have done till now is configured FreeRADIUS and created some local
users and getting the switch to authenticated against the local user, Its
working fine and getting the value-pair but i can see the commands which
are executed in the switch console.  Please help how i can do so.

As i never integrated Micosoft 2008 AD with FreeRADIUS i need a how-to may
be a step-by-step which can help me in integrating the same.

Do i need a DB like MySQL for accounting or AD LDAP DB will help in doing

Thanks for all your help.

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