Help Needed !!! FreeRADIUS Integration with MS AD

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Sun Jan 20 12:53:41 CET 2013

On 20 Jan 2013, at 07:31, pradyumna dash <neomatrixgem at> wrote:

> Hi Team,

Were a community.

> I need a help, am new to RADIUS and i need the below to be configured.
> I. FreeRADIUS integration with Microsoft AD

> II. Cisco switches needs to be the client
> II. The accounting information should also contain the commands executed in the Switch as well, Example  If a used called "test" login to the switch and exexuted a command "Show config" that should be captured in the accounting information.

Please read the Cisco documentation and add a howto here:

The above link might also contain some useful info about configuring Cisco switches for admin authentication.

> What  i have done till now is configured FreeRADIUS and created some local users and getting the switch to authenticated against the local user, Its working fine and getting the value-pair but i can see the commands which are executed in the switch console.  Please help how i can do so.
> As i never integrated Micosoft 2008 AD with FreeRADIUS i need a how-to may be a step-by-step which can help me in integrating the same.

See above.

> Do i need a DB like MySQL for accounting or AD LDAP DB will help in doing so?

Yes, you'll need an SQL database for accounting.


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