Question : EAP-SIM without RANDs, SRESs, KCs ?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 31 04:33:17 CET 2013

bino at wrote:
> My Apologize.
> I think all the needed data is there.

  The EAP-SIM code disagrees with you.

  And since you haven't bothered read the specifications, or the code,
or running the server in debugging mode as suggested in the FAQ, web
pages, "man" page, and daily on this list... you're not thinking correctly.

> I Really appreciate your help

  No, you don't.  I've explained, and you've told me I'm wrong.  This
isn't being appreciative.  This is being argumentative.

  You're so smart that you know more about EAP-SIM than the code, the
specifications, and the people on this list.  You don't need any help to
solve this problem, as you already know all of the answers.

  You're wasting everyones time by being rude.  Stop it.

  Alan DeKok.

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