Question : EAP-SIM without RANDs, SRESs, KCs ?

bino at bino at
Thu Jan 31 05:04:46 CET 2013

Dear Alan and All
I Really sorry
> bino at wrote:
>> My Apologize.
>> I think all the needed data is there.
>   The EAP-SIM code disagrees with you.
>   And since you haven\'t bothered read the specifications, or the code,
> or running the server in debugging mode as suggested in the FAQ, web
> pages, \"man\" page, and daily on this list... you\'re not thinking
> correctly.
May be I have to replace \'I Think\' with \'I Guest\'
Yes I read that RFC before I post the question,
I Also run the server in debug mode as Sugested. I just didn\'t post my
debug to the list since it\'s (more or less) the same as the one posted by

>> I Really appreciate your help
>   No, you don\'t.  I\'ve explained, and you\'ve told me I\'m wrong.  This
> isn\'t being appreciative.  This is being argumentative.
>   You\'re so smart that you know more about EAP-SIM than the code, the
> specifications, and the people on this list.  You don\'t need any help to
> solve this problem, as you already know all of the answers.
>   You\'re wasting everyones time by being rude.  Stop it.
I don\'t know what and How to say.
I Read the specification but I don\'t understand it, thats why I came to
this list .. wish to got more knowledge.
While waiting response from the list, I keep reading and hunt for more docs.

And Sir,
Could you please help me to evaluate my manner by point me my rudeness? I
really need it.

It\'s ok for me if you do it in public, but if you think it\'ll ruin the
list I\'ll more then happy if you send me private email.


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