Question : EAP-SIM without RANDs, SRESs, KCs ?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 31 05:57:17 CET 2013

  You see to have a problem understanding me.  I will try one last time to explain.  If you keep arguing, you will be be unsubscribed, and banned from the list.

  FreeRADIUS says that data is missing from EAP-SIM. It needs that data to do EAP-SIM.

  If you don't understand that, then you don't understand anything.  If you think the data is really there, you're wrong.

  You're being rude by asking a question, and then arguing with the answer. You're not a RADIUS expert.  You're not an EAP-SIM expert.   Yet you refuse to believe the messages from FreeRADIUS, and you refuse to believe the answers I've given you.  You're obsessed with believing messages from shitty software that doesn't work.  You're refusing to believe messages from the worlds best RADIUS server. You're refusing to believe answers from one of the world experts in RADIUS.

  You're respecting the author of crappy software more that you're respecting me.  That's rude, annoying, and ignorant.  Stop it.

  And don't email me privately.  I've already given you my answers, and they won't change in private email.  

  And stop arguing. It will only get you banned. I've had it with people who ask questions and argue about the answers. If you're so damned smart, go fix the problem yourself. 

  Alan DeKok.

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