Delete one value of multiple attribute(Class)

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Wed Jul 17 12:29:10 CEST 2013

Okis Chuang wrote: 
> Actually I can write a short perl script to do this, but I try to do 
> with pure unlang. 

  Unlang is not really intended to do that. 

> In fact, the reason why I need this function is that sometimes we treat 
> some attributes as temporary variable for generating another attribute 
> value pair. 

  Use Tmp-String-0, or Tmp-Octets-0 instead.  That way the problem goes 
away.  See "dictionary.freeradius.internal" for more examples. 

> Then erase it before sending request or reply out. So I am wondering 
> would majority of FR user do this things like this? 

  And you don't need to erase the Tmp-* attributes before sending a 
packet.  They will *never* show up in a packet. 

  Alan DeKok. 


Hi Alan, 

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I totally can understand the solution you recommend, and I've been
using this skill for quite a long time.


But the situation I encountered is :

1.    I need to save some information returned in Access-Accept from
external AAA in the attribute *Class* at the section *post-auth*. So it will
return back to gateway.

2.    Then gateway will send Accounting-Start to my server. In this time, I
need to pop out the information I saved in the attribute *Class* in the
section *accounting* so that I can generate the avp what I need.


Hence, it cannot work by using Tmp-XXX internal attribute because those two
events occur in two different sessions to FreeRADIUS. 

I thought Tmp-* attributes will not exist across two sessions at the same


So that way I must choose some kind of attribute that gateway must return
back for saving temporary attribute value.

Concerning about total available length of Class in our wifi gateway, I
don't want to do such a waste on attribute Class.

Again, just like I said before, because Class is a multi-value attribute I
can't find a way to remove a specific value from entire Class array.


But anyway, if this is too much for unlang I can use perl to fulfill this
definitely. Just curious about if unlang can totally achieve this. :P





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